Trail Rides


Here is the Tentative Calendar for 2021 trail rides, followed by our VERY important Trail Riders’ Rules.

Dates and locations are subject to change, usually because of weather-related conditions or other. Please check before a ride to make sure it will be held as listed here.

Remember: You will need to ride at least 4 of the 6 rides and attend 2 club meetings in order to win a year-end trail award. We look forward to seeing man of you as much as possible!

Detailed information about each ride will arrive via e-mail about one week before each ride. If you plan on attending a ride please RSVP no later than the Thursday night before the ride. Contact Liz Johnson at (303) 678-1469 and please leave a message if she does not answer. If you have questions or need directions, please call.

NOTE: Each member can sponsor guests at designated guest rides. Each guest must pay $5 to cover our costs and must sign a release. All other rides are for members only.

Please remember: NO stallions or dogs.

HEAD TRAIL BOSS: Liz Johnson, 303-877-4829. email:



All trail ride information is tentative. Be saddled and ready to ride by 10 a.m. each day. Usually, every ride includes a potluck lunch. However, due to COVID-19 protocols, sack lunches may be indicated.

Please contact Deb Meyer 970-686-2076 for questions and updates. Email is:

May 8, Saturday – Red Mountain. This is a Guest Ride.

June 13, Sunday – Barr Lake. This a Guest Ride

July 24, Saturday – Mount Margaret. This is a Member Ride

August 15, Sunday – Vedauwoo. This is a new trail for NCQHA, and is located between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. Coggins and current health certificates required.

September 18, Saturday – Hermit Park. This the annual Chili Ride.

October 3, Sunday – Eagle’s Nest.

See you on the Trail!



Trail rides should be fun outings for both horse and rider. All rides will be walking rides. It gives the old equine campaigner the chance to relax and the young horse experience with new sights and sounds. Since there are such a variety of rider and horse experiences, it is imperative that we have some basic rules so everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride. Horses are herd animals and will buddy-up extraordinarily quickly. When one is ridden away from the group it gets upset because it is leaving its buddies. Those still with the group get upset because one is leaving the herd. Pretty soon several horses are prancy. This adds up to an accident looking for a place to happen. If you want to trot and lope you need to form a separate group and ride ahead. Leaving and rejoining the group at a trot or lope is not allowed.

  • No one rides ahead of the Trail Boss. This may be a different person on each ride and he/she will be identified at the beginning. 
  • No one falls behind the drag rider. We want to finish the ride with everyone together. 
  • Ride starts at 10:00 am sharp. Be saddled and ready to go. 
  • No stallions. 
  • No dogs. 
  • Everyone must RSVP by Thursday night to the Trail Boss, so we know how much food to purchase. Also, if the ride is canceled, we can notify you. 
  • No smoking on the trail. 
  • Warn the rider ahead of you if you intend to pass and on which side. 
  • Horses that kick must wear a red ribbon tied to their tails. 
  • Green horses or horses with novice riders should have a yellow ribbon tied to their tails. Please give them consideration. 
  • Everyone will wait until all riders are mounted before riding on. This includes people that get down to open gates, etc. If you have to stop for some reason, call out so we can hold up for you. 
  • Everyone will wait at all stream crossings or other obstacles until all riders are through or all horses have an opportunity to drink. 
  • Keep some space between horses. Some horses don’t mind another horse’s nose in their tails while for others this may cause a rodeo. 
  • Be sure and sign the ride log. Award tabulation is taken from the log. 
  • Sign up and pay for your guest. 
  • Bring a generous dish to share. This does NOT include a bag of chips or candy. 

Other suggestions for an enjoyable and safe ride: 

  • Inspect your equipment, especially cinches and cinch straps.
  • In most cases, horses should be shod, as trails can get rocky.
  • Note that there are water crossings on some rides, and your horse should be accustomed to water.
  • Saddlebags are important to have to carry water and small snacks.


  • Brand Papers 
  • Bug spray for horse and rider 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Jacket and/or slicker 
  • Lawn chair and table service for lunch 
  • Water and/or snacks 
  • Sharp knife 
  • Toilet paper and/or Kleenex 
  • Halter and lead rope 


  • Please do NOT train your horse on a club ride. We have many people on the ride with many different riding abilities. Be careful! This is a recipe for disaster. (It is better to train your horse with one or two other riders – not 25!) 
  • If you have a kicker- you MUST tie a red ribbon to your horse’s tail!  If you discipline your horse every time it kicks, you will find the kicking behavior diminishing. Kicking is NON-okay behavior! 
  • Please do NOT allow your horse to ride up to bump another horse. Being bumped into may cause another horse to kick out in self-defense. If this happens it is YOUR fault, not either of the horses’ faults. 
  • Please plan on all riders riding alone. No lead-lines! If you need to bring a lead-line for a “just-in-case” scenario (such as with a child), that’s fine, but all riders MUST start the ride riding on their own. 
  • We ride out at 10:00 SHARP. We do not mean to be mean, but 20 people made it and we hope you will be able to safely catch up. We have a set ride time to start – and if some of the group splits up and rides back early, that’s fine – but please do NOT begin to eat without the rest of the group. 
  • NCQHA trail riders plan for a walking trail ride. If you MUST go faster, it is strongly discouraged. Please ask the Trail Boss if you can go ahead and get AWAY from the group before you pick up speed. Some horses/riders will have trouble maintaining a walk if they see another horse moving quicker. The Trail Boss will ALWAYS walk. Slow/unsure riders should stay near the Trail Boss. 

Let’s all be Safe and Have Fun!